"God Forbid that we should Glory except in the Cross of Jesus Christ Our Lord." - Galatians 6:24
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Chosen for Service
can assist with your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs!

CFS can help your church, small business, or even your home establish an accounting or bookkeeping structure. Please contact us for an initial assessment of your needs.

Our experience and resources are at your disposal. we are also available for consultation and  to your staff or congregation on the biblical principles of tithing and budgeting.
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Creating a Budget
The purpose of a budget is to plan and monitor your spending, poor planning and no monitoring ultimately leads to the accumulation of debt. Unmanaged debt will bring about the downfall of any personal or professional endeavor. My husband and I review our budget monthly to maintain an accurate perspective of where we are with our spending. This regular meeting allows us to effectively organize our resources. In addition, it permits us to dream and plan for our anticipated financial success.

Looking at our own spending history, we realized that it wasnít enough to set a budget if we were not going to manage our spending against it. A budget needs to be realistic. Build enjoyment into your budget, but not too much fun. Build emergencies into your budget, but donít be a pessimist. These things are critical. Keep in mind that you can give yourself permission to postpone certain endeavors until your organization/home is ready to take them on.

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Thessalonia Worship Center
St. Paul Commuity Church
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