"God Forbid that we should Glory except in the Cross of Jesus Christ Our Lord." - Galatians 6:24
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Chosen for Service
can assist with your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs!

CFS can help your church, small business, or even your home establish an accounting or bookkeeping structure. Please contact us for an initial assessment of your needs.

Our experience and resources are at your disposal. we are also available for consultation and  to your staff or congregation on the biblical principles of tithing and budgeting.
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Credit Reports
As my husband and I began to plan our future, we knew that we had to get a handle on our credit history. We understood that our credit standing would effect our efforts to begin our own business, buy our first home, and yes, even plan our wedding.

You must be responsible in managing your finances. If your credit history is poor, financial options such as loans and low-interest credit cards may be unavailable to you. It is critical that bills are paid on time. Aside from making timely and regular payments, it is also important to consistently check your credit report. Sometimes credit reports contain inconsistencies that can be easily corrected. There are a number of websites that offer free credit reports or you can get yours directly from one of the three major credit reporting agencies (
TransUnion | Equifax | Experian).

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Thessalonia Worship Center
St. Paul Commuity Church
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